Meet Our Superhero Horses

Anyone who has been to Blue Heron Riding Academy knows how much we all love and appreciate our lesson horses. They are the backbone of our riding program and are some very special horses. They have given hundreds if not thousands of kids their first riding experience over the years. We have horses available for all levels of riders. We'd love to have you get to know them and their unique personalities!


Shaker is our guy for Little Britches Lessons, Birthday Parties, and Horse Experiences. Students love his laid back attitude.
Tater is our original Superhorse, he's been with our program for over 12 years. He is the horse that most beginners start out on and he is a barn favorite! Tater has retired this past winter. Stop by his stall to say hi!
Mister G is a mule. He is a great ride if you know how to be a good leader! Mister G helps with a lot of our lessons, Girl Scout Events, and Horse Experiences.
Kissy is our barn diva. She would much rather hang out in her comfy stall than out in the pasture. Kissy has a famous dad and granddad that were actually made into Breyer horses!
Ladoka is an Appaloosa...he has spots! He's our Unicorn. If you've attended a Unicorn Party or had your pictures taken with our Unicorn, you've met Ladoka!

Want to Meet Our Horses?!?!


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"My boys had a great time learning about and working with the horses. It was relaxed and family oriented. We loved it!"
-Colleen R.