Learning Levels

A Progression of Horsemanship Skills


We have created a set of progressive learning levels, in both riding and horsekeeping/management. When students can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for a level they are awarded colorful rosettes to celebrate their progress. There are no other programs like it in our area!

Our Learning Levels Program allows students to follow the Riding Skills and/or the Horse Management Skills Program. However, to graduate from both Beginner and Novice Rider Levels, students MUST complete the corresponding Management Level. It's not enough, in our view, to be able to ride a horse: truly effective horsemanship requires that riders understand and attend to their horse's basic needs. It means learning how horses are put together, what makes them behave in certain ways, and how to keep them happy and healthy. Unlike the Riding Levels, which is taught through a student's riding lessons, most Management instruction is self-paced and self-motivated. Occasionally, if the weather is too bad to ride (excessive wind, lightning, hot, cold) we will conduct a Management lesson inside the barn. We will also offer a lot of help for self-study, most of it free of charge. We have a free lending library of books, videos, and other resources. Horse Management lessons are also included in all of our camps. We want you to succeed and will help guide you however is needed. The only thing we can't do is to make students put in the time and effort to study- that's up to you!


Students can earn rosettes for completing each level!



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