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Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Lessons
Age 3-7


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Rainbow Rider Lessons are designed for boys and girls who are not quite old enough to enter the regular lessons, but who are interested in horses and riding. The 30 minute lesson includes grooming, tacking, and riding with a strong focus on safety. Rainbow Rider Lessons may be taken weekly, whenever your child shows interest, or even as a one time lesson. 

Does your horse crazy child want to learn even more about horses? Our Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Program is designed to introduce both mounted Horsemanship and unmounted HorseSense topics. HorseSense topics include unmounted safety, grooming, ground handling, horse ID, equine behavior, pony parts, tack, mounted safety, and stable management. Unmounted lessons will be covered in lessons and can be practiced at home with the Coloring Book and worksheets provided. Students enrolled in our Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Program who complete all the curriculum objectives will be awarded their Rainbow Ribbon!

Rainbow Rider Private Lessons- 30 minute lesson $30

Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Program- One time $30 Program Fee

Program Enrollment Includes-
* Participation In Our EXCLUSIVE Learning Levels Program
*BHRA Shirt or Helmet Bag
* Rainbow Rider Coloring Book
* Rainbow Rider Worksheet Folder
* FREE Spring & Fall Friends & Family Day
* Invitation To Barn Parties/Events- (Student Christmas Pictures, Student Christmas Party, etc.)

To join the Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Program, just book a lesson and click the "Add-On" Rainbow Rider Early Horsemanship Program Enrollment. This is a one-time fee and the program can be joined at anytime.


Ready to start your riding journey?

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