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Q. Do you offer trail rides?

Frequently Asked Questions


A. Sorry, no. I am not aware of any barns in the Evansville area that you can rent horses for trail rides.

Q. Do you offer pony rides?

A. Well, yes and no. We won't do the typical drag-a-kid-in-a-circle-on-a-pony type of pony ride; we have some strong opinions about any activity that treats horses like vehicles. We do offer introductory Pony Ride Lessons (our Little Britches Early Horsemanship Program and The Horse Experience) that are suitable for young children. See our Lessons page for details.

Q. Do you teach Western (or English) riding?

A. Yes, we teach both! The foundation of both English and Western are the same, so many of our Group Lessons have students riding in both saddles and many of our students ride in both saddles too. Once students have a strong foundation and choose a specific horse sport, there will be some differences in the riding.

Q. Are your camps and clinics just  for your students?

A. Our camps and clinics are open to outside riders and many are specifically for those with no horse experience at all!

Q. When do you offer lessons?

A. We teach Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. All of our lessons are by appointment only.

Q. How do I sign up for lessons?

A. Make sure you've looked over our Lesson Program Information first- lots of good information there that you will need to know. Then contact us to see what openings we have available. It's always easiest to communicate with us via email, but you can also leave a voicemail message.

New riders will start with a few private lessons and then can join an appropriate group lesson. Most of our students ride once or twice a week, although we have a few students who ride bi-weekly.

Q. How old must a child be to ride a horse?

A. Our Little Britches Program is perfect for the little ones (children ages 2-7). Little Britches Lessons are 30 minutes long and can be scheduled on a regular, semi-regular, or one time basis. However, it is best if the riders can follow verbal instructions and maintain focus for the entire lesson. If your child is easily distracted or intimidated, it would be smart to wait a year or two.


Q. What age is appropriate for regular riding lessons?

A. Both physical and mental maturity come into play here. Children age 2-7, whom we refer to as Little Britches, start out with our regular riding lessons. In general, we suggest riders should be age 7 or older to start regular riding lessons. You can look over our Learning Levels curriculum to see the skills and abilities required and what will be taught in beginner lessons. Occasional Little Britches lessons are a good way to start younger children; this gives them the understanding of basic riding principles by the time their legs reach past the saddle. Younger riders and their parents will need to be patient about progress- it takes physical strength- and LEGS- to control a 1,000lb horse!


Q. Do you teach adults?

A. Yes! We usually have several adult students. We specialize in the beginner through intermediate rider and building rider confidence.


Q. We're just visiting the area- can we take a one-time riding lesson?

A. Sure! We will just need to work your lesson into our regular schedule, so it's best to contact us well ahead of time.


Q. Do you take cash or checks? What about credit cards?

A. Yes, cash and checks are fine. Checks should be made payable to "Blue Heron Riding Academy" or "Blue Heron Farm". We can also accept cards at the barn. You may also use the online payment option for lessons, camp fees, or any other payment. Let us know that you'd like that option and we can email an invoice that allows you to pay by card online. All of our card payments are through Square.


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