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Help Support Our Beloved Lesson Horses


THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our lesson horses over the last few months! We wouldn't be the same without your support. While we are now open, we are only operating at 40% from where we were before the closure which means that not all of our lesson horses are back to work.


Anyone who has been to Blue Heron Riding Academy knows how much we all love and appreciate our lesson horses. They are the backbone of our riding program and are very special horses. They have given hundreds if not thousands of kids their first riding experience over the years. The funds received from our many lessons, camps, birthday parties, and other events that our horses teach weekly goes to their daily care, feed, bedding, farrier, and veterinary care. In order to ensure the health and well-being of our students, clients, and staff, BHRA has been forced to make the extremely difficult decision to suspend lessons and other events until further notice, which leaves our lesson horses without a job. During this time they need your support so that we can be sure you and your children can return to the caliber program you have come to know and love here at BHRA.

This is where our Sponsor A Lesson Horse program comes into play. All sponsorships will go to help support the everyday care of our wonderful horses in this time of need.

Bag of Feed & Bale of Hay- $25

Bronze $75- Helps to pay for 1 lesson horse for 1 week

Silver $150- Helps to pay for 1 lesson horse for 2 weeks

Gold $300- Helps to pay for 1 lesson horse for 1 month

All Sponsors will be invited to join our Private FB Group that we've established during this time for our Students. We will be sharing what's going on at the farm through posts, videos, and lives, plus teaching horse management topics and just having fun.

We understand that these are uncertain times for all, and with the support of those who love us, we look forward to returning to normal in the near future. We can't wait for our lesson horses to be able to go back to work and have a barn full of kids again!

Bag of Feed & Bale of Hay


Bronze Sponsorship


Helps to cover the daily cost of 1 lesson horse for 1 week.

Silver Sponsorship


Helps to cover the daily cost of 1 lesson horse for 2 weeks.

Gold Sponsorship


Helps to cover the daily cost of 1 lesson horse for 1 month.

Meet Our Super Hero Horses

Shaker is our guy for Little Britches Lessons, Birthday Parties, and Horse Experiences. Students love his laid back attitude.
Tater is our original Superhorse, he's been with our program for over 12 years. He is the horse that most beginners start out on and he is a barn favorite!
Mister G is a mule. He is a great ride if you know how to be a good leader! Mister G helps with a lot of our lessons, Girl Scout Events, and Horse Experiences.
Kissy is our barn diva. She would much rather hang out in her comfy stall than out in the pasture. Kissy has a famous dad and granddad that were actually made into Breyer horses!
Ladoka is an Appaloosa...he has spots! He's our Unicorn. If you've attended a Unicorn Party or had your pictures taken with our Unicorn, you've met Ladoka!
Sassy is new to our program and is quickly becoming a favorite. She is part Quarter Horse and part Missouri Fox Trotter.
Hootie is a Tennessee Walking Horse who just joined our program. He hasn't had a chance to teach any lessons yet.
JoJo joined our program last Fall and is undergoing some training before she is ready to help teach.
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